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How I Think Isaac Reacted to the Cigarette Metaphor

  • (Isaac and Gus are just casually playing video games)

  • (Gus whips out a cigarette)

  • Isaac:

    Dude, you smoke in the house my mom will be pissed. She's afraid I might get cancer or something. (smirks at his own joke)

  • Gus:

    I'm not lighting it.

  • Isaac:


  • Gus:

    It's a metaphor.

  • Isaac:

    Oh God, not this again. (Pauses game) Can't you just write poetry like a normal pretentious teen.

  • Gus:

    I can't write.

  • Isaac:

    That's probably for the best, actually.

  • Gus:

    Can you unpause the game?

  • Isaac:

    Will you tell me what the oh so beautiful metaphor is.

  • Gus:

    You put the thing that can kill you between your lips, but you never light it. You never give it the power to kill you.

  • Isaac:

    Do you just keep a notepad next to you while you watch Soap Operas, or are you too busy jacking off to them.

  • Gus:

    This is a good metaphor!

  • Isaac:

    Like that one about crushing all flowers because they look as beautiful dead as alive?

  • Gus:


  • Isaac:

    Or when you walked around wearing a sock on your head to prove that the reverse works as well?

  • Gus:


  • Isaac:

    Or that one time-

  • Gus:

    Would you just let me do my freaking metaphors?

  • (Isaac smirks and turns back to the game)

  • Isaac:

    Well, I guess if you want to put a fag between your lips, that's your business. No judgment.

  • (Gus throws a pillow at Isaac, and they both laugh and resume the game)


So I have not been around for a while. Buuut I started doodling baby!Klaine and here we are.

Because once Kurt realised that none of the sensible shoes you could find in the Lima department store could fit a three year old, well, they could still be a fabulous accessory for the wedding between the black power ranger and the pink power ranger. Blaine, of course, is all too willing to help.

(And maybe Kurt reenacts this wedding a week later, except he makes the pink ranger a wedding dress from tissue paper. And then again, except he comes across an unguarded pair of scissors and, with a wicked gleam in his eye, destroys his pillowcase—and it’s the black ranger, this time, because pink is already fabulous enough by herself. Through it all, Blaine happily plays along.)

I made inhuman noises at work.




"So I moved on. I focused on helping other people. I was good. Until you dragged me back into to this freak show and put everyone here at risk. You wanna know my secret, Agent Romanoff? You wanna know how I stay calm?"

And in that moment, I swear the Hulk was less of a giant rage monster, and more of a giant green protector keeping Bruce safe.

hearing him saying those lines for the first time really made me sad.

I just freaking appreciate people talking about Bruce. All I hear about him is “HULK SMASH!” and it makes me want to Hulk up and smash things because there is a brilliant scientist with emotions and conflicts behind it all that no one gives a damn about.

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Gadreel and the snake


Has anyone else noticed that Gadreel’s story changes every times he’s confronted with his failure as a guard?
“Not my doing”
“I made a mistake”
“I set them free!”
The first two aren’t entirely contradictory, but after that last one, I’m wondering. He’s basically saying
‘I didn’t do it’
‘I didn’t mean to do it’
‘I totally intended that to happen’
We really need to know what happened…

My theory is that everything he said to the Winchester was a lie. He said things to get them angry, get under their skin. I think the only real thing he meant that night was when he all but begged Dean to kill him. He thought the Winchesters would already be angry at him for Kevin and all they would need would be a couple good nudges to give him the angel blade to the heart. I am sure he hates every single moment of having to kill all of his innocent brothers and sisters, but he’s terrified of what Metatron will do to him. He knows too much to live a free and happy life if he goes against Metatron, but at the same time I think he’s worried of just how long Metatron will keep him alive before killing him. Will he torture Gadreel? Will he hold on to him, hoping to use him as a fall guy later? Will he be sent to some battle where he will probably die in a really awful manner? At this point, he wants the quick death he thinks the Winchesters can give him.





When Dean Winchester finally dies (for good, this time), Death takes a holiday. 

He spends a week going to every fair and carnival in the continental US.

He eats every deep fried concoction possible.

When his holiday comes to an end, he goes to Heaven and knocks on the pearly gates with the head of his cane. He asks to speak with Dean Winchester.

Dean is surprised to find Death there when the angels bring him forward. Death swore that their last meeting, when Death personally escorted Dean’s soul to Heaven, would be the final time they ever saw one another.

“I found it,” Death tells him. “The perfect pie. It was in Muncie, Indiana. Apple, with a flaky, golden crust. The ratio of cinnamon to sugar and its balance with the tart Granny Smith…. it was just perfect. Divine, even.”

Dean stares at Death, unsure of why he is telling him this, but then he looks down. In Death’s hand is a wrinkled, white paper bag. Inside the bag is a slice of the perfect pie.

Dean takes the bag, mystified.

“Thanks for the pickle chips that time,” Death says, then disappears into the void.

did you just give me Death/Dean bromance feels



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